Past Tours


11/5/16    Colorado Springs    Flux Capacitor   COS(home=Audio) EP Release

11/8/16    Denver, CO    @Deer Pile w/ I2M1 + Joseph Lamar

11/10/16   Logan UT   @WhySound w/ Benton Wood and Sales and Co.

11/12/16   La Grande  OR  @HideOut with I2M1

11/13/16   Portland  OR  @Valentines w/ Dim Wit, Prison Dress and I2M1

11/14/16   Olympia, WA  @Le Voyeur w/ Pleasure Systems + I2M1

11/15/16   Seattle  WA  @Substation w/ Gourmet and I2M1

11/16/16   Oakland  CA  @Xoreal Productions + I2M1 +Madeline Kenney  

11/18/16   Santa Cruz  CA  @House Show w/ Be Quiet + Dead Recipe + I2M1

11/19/16   Las Vegas  NV   @The Garth With I2M1 (CO) + Candy Warpop + Ghostwerk

11/20/16   Phoenix  AZ  @Lost Leaf w/ Blank Waves + Metamorphasynth + I2M1

11/21/16   Phoenix  AZ   @The Pueblo w/ Julia Lucielle + Mouse Dog Bird

11/22/16   Las Cruces  NM  @Art Obscura With Mosaic Mountains and I2M1