Briffaut is a four-piece band based out of Colorado Springs, CO. It’s a music project built on the back of Daniel Eaton’s synesthetic songwriting, spawned from a yearlong, song-a-day experiment. Filling the canvas from Daniel’s creations is Alex Koshak’s drums, Daniel Mikolajczyk’s electric bass and Mitchell Macura’s computer-less keyboard soundscapes. Psychedelic-infused indie rock with strange time signatures and polyrhythm thrown in for an occasional prog-ish touch describe the experience of seeing one of Briffaut’s performances

The 2013 release of the band's record "Maud" lacks some of the most recent developments in the project's current live repertoire. Accordingly, one can expect a wider variety of dynamics, along with the delivery of higher energy than what the album may portray. Briffaut is currently in the process of releasing its latest album "Helsinki."