Based out of Colorado Springs, CO, Cocordion is a 3 piece experimental rock group.  For our latest release check us out on any major streaming service.

After a Western State Tour in late 2016 following the release of the COS(home=Audio), Cocordion is currently residing in their home in Colorado Springs, CO and recording their first full length record in their home studio.

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Production / Mitchell Macura
Percussion / Mason Macura
Bass / Isaac Martinez



MIdwest Fall Tour 2017

9/20 Wed Lincoln

9/21 Thu Omaha

9/22 Fri Ames

9/23 Sat DesMoines/CedarRapids

9/24 Sun Iowa City

9/25 Mon Davenport

9/26 Tue Madison

9/27 Wed Chicago

9/28 Thu Ann Arbor/Detroit

9/29 Fri Columbus

9/30 Sat Indianapolis

10/1 Sun St. Louis

10/2 Mon Lawrence



"Indeed, Macura hopes Cocordion's music, with its liberal use of musique concrete sound collage, might ultimately "reinterpret what [listeners] believe is music and reexamine what songwriting could be." If that sounds a bit lofty, it's at least refreshing to see an artist take the boldly experimental philosophy of composers such as John Cage and filter it through such a keen ear for pop sensibility." -CS Indy (full article HERE)

"Boulder’s Mitchell Macura, professionally known as Cocordion, prides the raw and unrevised presentation of his experimental EP someonedays which houses the track RadioSilence. Inspired by a friend, the stripped-down and vocal-centric track slowly layers what could be described as less of instruments but more emotional levels as the track progresses. It’s a very unique expression of musical artwork which provides what it most likely only a glimpse into Mitchell’s musical talents and vision." -YellowScene Magazine


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