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Cocordion is a 3 piece experimental indie band conceived upon Colorado’s I-25 frontrange megalopolis.  Longing for communication, they’re writhing between post-bedroom pop and pre-Kurzweil Singularity prediction, insisting consciousness is an illusion. The band consists of brothers Mitchell and Mason Macura, and Thom Spano.




Rabid: Directed, Filmed and Produced by Robert Stokes using a Nintendo3DS

2 Boards: DV Tape Camcorder Video Shot and Directed by Zach Parinella in Colorado Springs, CO



Cocordion’s musical styling evolved from a bedroom project started in 2014 by singer/songwriter Mitchell Macura. Originally a solo project constructed out of loopscape and samples, Cocordion evolved into a 3 piece in 2016 when Mitchell’s brother Mason and friend Isaac Martinez joined.  After gigging and touring as a 3 piece, the project tracked “Expectations” the latest record released 10/27/2017 in their home in Colorado Springs.  In the final stages of the record, Isaac Martinez left the group to continue his solo work and Thom Spano joined the band. Cocordion continues to record in their basement and intends to put out another full length record in the near future.






Expectations oscillates between somber and reflective to dissonant and distorted. An initial listen wouldn’t reveal the band’s roots being caught between rural and urban Colorado, but the quiet and loneliness of the high prairie can easily be heard in many of the album’s eight tracks.- Denver Westword (full article HERE)

Expectations Opening track “Rabid” begins with a swirling vortex of synthesizer swells and manipulated voices that give way to a chilly, full-band groove before collapsing into an angular, discordant coda. Indeed, Mitchell Macura’s polychordal electric guitar freakouts serve to punctuate much of the first half of the record, shaking you out of the disquieting beauty achieved when the trio keeps things minimal behind Macura’s often-spectral voice.- CS Indy (full article HERE) 

"Indeed, Macura hopes Cocordion's music, with its liberal use of musique concrete sound collage, might ultimately "reinterpret what [listeners] believe is music and reexamine what songwriting could be." If that sounds a bit lofty, it's at least refreshing to see an artist take the boldly experimental philosophy of composers such as John Cage and filter it through such a keen ear for pop sensibility." -CS Indy (full article HERE)

"Boulder’s Mitchell Macura, professionally known as Cocordion, prides the raw and unrevised presentation of his experimental EP someonedays which houses the track RadioSilence. Inspired by a friend, the stripped-down and vocal-centric track slowly layers what could be described as less of instruments but more emotional levels as the track progresses. It’s a very unique expression of musical artwork which provides what it most likely only a glimpse into Mitchell’s musical talents and vision." -YellowScene Magazine


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