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 Cocordion is a noise-pop group, conceived upon Colorado’s I-25 frontrange megalopolis, currently residing in Philadelphia. 


Cocordion’s musical styling originated as a bedroom recording project in 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Mitchell Macura while studying molecular biology in college. After working in a multitude of projects, running show spaces and participating in small tours as an auxiliary instrumentalist/keyboard player, Mitchell began to shift focus toward his own songwriting. Originally constructed out of guitar and vocal loop-scapes, Cocordion’s single-member set evolved and continues to morphs between multi member arrangements, duo-sets with his brother Mason and 3 piece, full-band line-ups with new collaborators.

With the intention to capture unadulterated-inspiration, most of Cocordion’s creative process is done at home, in their personal studio. On their latest release, “Head”, Cocordion opted for collaboration outside of their previous practices, working with drummer/producer/engineer Tyler Cuchiara, to create a more sparkly, more refined, and less-lo-fi aesthetic.

Ambitious to bring more members into their processes, Cocordion hopes to spotlight more undiscovered talent, extending branches for collaboration on future releases. This goal will come to fruition with “tv.ant.race”, a 10 track, full-length album, out May 3rd, 2019, featuring music videos by Matt Sparks, engineering by Right Heel Music, production by Tyler Cuchiara and vocal performance by singer-songwriter Miette Hope.

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 “dreamy electronic pop sound, similar to Chromatics’ Auto-Tune heavy dirges, but with a lot more pop immediacy” - Treble (full article)

“These syntheses between consciously artificial and more naturalistic sounds have always been a key element in Cocordion’s music, and tv.ant.race executes these contrasts exquisitely. Pop songs constructed with such prominent retro-synthesizer arpeggios, electronic drums, and even vocoders rarely sound so affecting, but Mitchell Macura’s wistful, soulful vocals provide an instant emotional resonance with the listener.” -CS Indy (full article)

“A tranquil sea of sound is injected with snippets of noise. …hovers between a peaceful, pensive state and points of friction. …flows in a smooth cruising nature; however, moments of discord shakeup the system.” - The Deli Philly (full article)

“Expectations oscillates between somber and reflective to dissonant and distorted. An initial listen wouldn’t reveal the band’s roots being caught between rural and urban Colorado, but the quiet and loneliness of the high prairie can easily be heard in many of the album’s eight tracks.”- Denver Westword (full article)


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